Life Should not only be Lived, it should be Celebrated!

Let’s face it, planning an event can be an extremely daunting process.  There are countless logistics to consider including dates, times, guest count, food, beverages, activities, and don’t forget about allergies!  What gets lost in the details and the pressure of wanting to nail it is the most important point of all: you have a great opportunity to bring people together.

We understand the pressure behind planning a special celebration and everything else that comes along with it.  We’ve outlined some of the most common pain points you’ve likely encountered in the past.  When designing our seamless event booking process, we had YOU in mind.

The process takes too much time.

You’ll typically start by inquiring a few different places to test the waters and await a phone call or email back.  While waiting in limbo you’re refreshing your email constantly and wondering when it is no longer too soon to follow up.  

We know this, so we value your time and have this at the core of our booking process.

Instant gratification through the world that’s at our fingertips is the new normal.  You can make reservations online for just about anything these days.  Why can’t booking an event be that easy?  If you’re the type of person who knows exactly what you want, you have the ability to book your event directly on our website.  You will be able to check availability, select your menu and choose your activities instantly.  

You can build your own event at your leisure…anytime you want!  A member of our team will act as your “concierge” once you’re booked to offer recommendations and assist with any changes you’d like to make.  

If you’re a bit more cautious and prefer the traditional route, our options are extremely approachable for all types of groups and budgets.  From lighter fare small plates to a full buffet, our team can walk you through our simple packages that will please your entire group.

I hate sales pressure.

How many times have you cringed when you receive an unprecedented amount of follow-up phone calls or emails from a very eager sales representative?

No more back and forth with a traditional salesperson.  We are as hands-on OR off as you’d like!  We understand how many other things you’re juggling, whether this is your first event or you’re a seasoned planner.  We offer communication via phone, email, text, or chat, whichever is most convenient for you!  Our goal is to make things easy and seamless for you.

Every event host will also have access to their own personalized online event portal for live updates so you aren’t anxiously refreshing your email for a PDF to be sent every time there’s a small change to sign off on.  This is a total game-changer, you don’t have to worry about downloading or printing revised contracts over and over again.  Fewer emails mean more time to focus on the fun stuff.

I have trouble finding a package within my budget.

No matter what the celebration is, you have a budget that you’re working within.  It becomes very disheartening when you have to start scaling back on activities, food, or beverages to host your very special occasion.

We’ve made this a big focus, in the spirit of transparent flexibility, our packages are built from the ground up instead of the reverse and we’ll never make you jump through hoops to get a simple price.  Starting at just $9.99 per person, you can upgrade your experience however you’d like.  We aim to provide great value for all budgets and want to ensure that EVERY event is the spectacle it deserves to be.

I have trouble envisioning my event.

Traditionally, once you’ve finally received the information you’ve requested, there’s a lot of reading, options, and prices to digest.  It’s overwhelming, and you wish someone could just design your perfect event for you.

With over 200 years of combined experience and having hosted over 30,000 events over the years, our hospitality team has studied what guests like the most and created our packages based on this feedback.  Building your bucket list is FUN and easy to envision.  Intense competition or casual gaming?  Conversational small plates or full buffet?  Social sips or poppin’ bottles?  The decisions are easy and exciting!

I just want everyone to have a great time.

Another fear hosts face is, will everyone enjoy themselves?  Traditional events of seated dinners can be very dry.  How can you talk to the person all the way at the other end of the table?  Or even worse, what if it’s an event where you don’t know anyone to begin with?

“We didn’t realize we were making memories, we thought we were just having fun.”

We aim to create moments that earn memories.  Your 3rd Spot is full of surprises, and we want to make you look like an absolute rockstar to your guests. Unique experiential dining stations including our unique Build-A-Bao™ station, Your 3rd Experience (family-style prix fixe option), champagne toasts, and other custom-curated selections coupled with incredible hospitality and an unmatchable vibe will make Your 3rd Spot your 1st Spot for all occasions.

I don’t want to host the same type of event over and over again.

Your 3rd Spot encourages evolving exploration.  Our space is designed for the purpose of connecting. The cabana spaces allow for casual and fun gaming encounters without the pressure of feeling like you’re at a networking event.  These casual activities that are baked into the event make “small talk” and connections way more natural. Imagine beating your brand new boss in a game of giant jenga or going head to head with your friends in an epic game of cornhole in The unCommons. There are dozens of experiences and they are designed for fun-loving adults such as yourself.

I want to feel like my event matters.

Celebrations can be very costly and often leave you feeling uneasy about the price tag.  With connecting people and building community in mind, making a difference is as important to us as it is to you.  What if you didn’t have to feel guilty if you decided to splurge a bit more?

Hosting an event at Your 3rd Spot is good for the soul…AND the community.  A portion of event sales will be donated to member-nominated local charitable organizations so you can feel good about having fun!

Let’s get the party started! 

You don’t have anything to lose when booking an event at Your 3rd Spot, only treasured memories to gain.   

Let’s come together and celebrate life’s moments!



January 27, 2022

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