We believe dining out should be an

That’s why we are excited to have

Lead Cook at the Bon Appetit’s “Best Restaurant in the Country”, The Optimist 

as Your 3rd Spot's Director of Culinary Innovation

Chef Stuart Rogers

Chef de Cuisine for 2x James Beard Award Nominated Lyla Lila

And that starts with the right menu and food philosophy.


in the press

“I love to just keep it simple, starting with a beautiful product, keeping the integrity by not manipulating too much and letting the quality shine." 

- Stuart Rogers

meet chef stuart

Our unique take on a tasting menu allows you to enjoy 7 of our guests and Chef’s favorite menu selections. Perfect for sharing for groups of all sizes!

taste + explore

Embark on your Culinary Adventure!

starter dip
Mediterranean Dip (V) with Pita

$35/per guest

chef's pizza
Roni Sicilian Pizza Square 

seasonal side dish
Las Papas Bravas
3 small plates
Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice
Char-Grilled Chicken Tacos
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken

chef's dessert
New Orleans-Style Beignets
Additional food or drink items can be added a la carte, from our Main Menu

Embark on your Culinary Adventure!

Vegan, Vegetarian + GF Options Available

Super explorer upgrade 

Add 2 of our high end dishes to your Taste + Explore journey for an elevated experience.


super explorer upgrade
Maine Lobster Tempura
Wagyu Beef Tartare Toast

Our entire menu is made up of small plates created to be shared and to prompt great conversation and unmistakable togetherness.

We suggest 2-3 dishes each to be shared! 

Y3S Chefs are among the best in the city. They’ve worked in some of the most iconic and well decorated kitchens in the ATL. Their commitment to delivering an experience is what drives their creativity and pushes them to an unparalleled standard of quality and consistency. We encourage you to try something new today and know that you are being fed by a team who are obsessed with their process and love what they do and the people they serve.


Choose: Traditional, S'mores & PB&J  3 for $8  (V)
Add Milk $2.50


Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sandwich

Snickerdoodle Cookies, Buttermilk Gelato, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Salty Caramel Sauce  $11
Featuring Four Fat Cows Ice Cream

2 Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies Served with Milk $7

Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies with Milk

Sampling of all 3 Desserts  $16

Dessert Sampler

Vodka, Nola Coffee Liqueur, Crème de Cacao, Dark Roast Concentrate, Liquid Coffee Extract  $13

Espresso Martini

To be as equitable as possible there is a 20% service charge included on all food, beverage and events purchases distributed between every member of our hard working team. No additional gratuity is expected unless you choose to! 

Enjoy either as a dessert or a kick-off to your evening. This set includes two half-sized Espresso Martinis and two mini homemade Tiramisu samples. Ideal for sharing and getting an energy boost! $14
Tiramisu Translates to “Pick me Up”

Pick Me Up TR33 for 2

With a fully digital menu, our culinary team has the freedom to utilize hyper-seasonal ingredients and create evolving flavors with each visit.

Keeping Things Fresh