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2024 Winner for Best Hospitality Training Program

Industry Excellence Awards

Believe the best moments in life happen with friends over good food and cold drinks?

Like accomplishing goals as part of a team? Embrace being challenged?

Love the feeling of satisfaction that washes over you when you get home exhausted after working a late night? 

Agree that nothing great was ever easy?

Believe that empathy, optimism and grit are super powers? 

Believe that sometimes it’s necessary to break a rule to do the right thing?

If you answered yes to
most of those questions
we’re your people

It’s hard work, but we believe that working together towards a larger purpose is more fulfilling than selling out for what is “easy”. We want to push ourselves to become 1% better everyday and see what we are ultimately capable of building together.

Do you...

The most important question isn't "can I do it?"
It's "do I want it"

We decide if you're qualified but only YOU can gauge if you're motivated.

Skills can be learned, but your values should align with the job.

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Best part?

Ali: Meeting new people, feeling their energy and making guests feel seen.

Haley: Connecting with and meeting new people. Creating experiences. I love the social aspect of the role.

Hardest part?

Ali: Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. You get to get out of your comfort zone in order to get guests out of theirs..

Me'Kenzi: The hours. If it fits your life, it's great. But if you're not into it, it can be a lot. 

Advice to someone considering joining the team

Me'Kenzi: It has to be about more than just the money. Your main focus needs to be hospitality. You have to be coachable, dedicated and have a good spirit.

Haley: Be completely yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Come ready to work. It’s not easy. Just come ready to learn and be open-minded.

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role purpose

Listen attentively & curate intentionally to create a memorable experience.

experience leader

Best part?

Ariel: Made me get out of my comfort zone. I’m introverted and shy and wasn’t sure I’d be a fit when I started. But seeing how our guests respond to our team’s energy makes me happy.

Olympia: The highlight is the hospitality we’ve cultivated here. There’s nothing quite like the excitement that fills the air when we open the door to our beautiful venue and see our guests’ eyes light up. It’s a moment that never loses its magic.

Hardest part?

Ariel: You must like what you’re doing. Adapting to the culture because we stand on our business. 

Advice to someone considering joining the team

Ariel: Be coachable and be yourself. 

Olympia: Embrace curiosity and continually seek to learn and improve. Be adaptable to an ever-evolving culture. Oh, and you must be a team player! There is no “I”, only “W3”!

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role purpose

Be curious, then shape the experience. 


Best part?

CJ: The emphasis put on learning and growth. With this teams’ incredible teamwork and a culture unlike any other, the challenges brought forth are welcoming and provide opportunities for team building each day!

Hardest part?

CJ: Adjusting to the high-volume, fast-paced environment can be overwhelming to a newcomer. However, if you’re coachable and willing to put in the work, the hard parts of this job will become easy.

Advice to someone considering joining the team

CJ: Be your authentic self. Be ready to learn and allow yourself to be coachable.

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role purpose

Provide passionate guidance through hospitality. Enthusiastically support hospitality through anticipation, guidance, and teamwork. 

door team

Best part?

Dewan: I enjoy connecting and laughing with our guests, whether it’s their first time or they’ve been here before. In our role we get to greet our guests before everyone else and be their first impression.

Xavier: Being able to interact with our guests and celebrating with them! 

Hardest part?

Dewan: Turning people away. It’s challenging to have that interaction with a stranger when you are unsure of how they will perceive it, and each person takes it differently. We just want to keep them safe, and we hope they understand.

Xavier: Being able to pivot and cater to each guest. It can be challenging but is rewarding. 

Advice to someone considering joining the team

Dewan: Be willing to learn and get out of your comfort zone. This role has challenged me and gotten me out of mine. You can’t take anything personal. We just want the best for each other, and that goes beyond work - that’s what makes our team so strong. 

Xavier: Be open to learning. There is a lot to learn, but if you trust the process, it can make you a better person.

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role purpose

Integrity, knowledge and awareness protect, hospitality connects.   

Best part?

Keya: The people you get to meet and the people I work with. Everybody comes here to work hard and are on the same page in terms of delivering a great guest experience. 

I appreciate working someplace that can recognize what isn’t working and then works to fix it in order to improve the team and guest experience.

Hardest part?

Keya: Keeping your energy up for the entire shift. Your last guest deserves the same energy as your first guest.

Advice to someone considering joining the team

Keya: Your level of overall service is heightened here. We don’t “turn ‘em and burn ‘em” here. It’s just not this place. Guest interactions take longer.

Be the leader you’re supposed to be. All the time. This is how you ensure you’re always doing your part.

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role purpose

Craft connections through recommendations and hospitality.


Best part?

Seth: Learning new things and learning how our games work. Developing a skill in your arsenal and using it to fix something, and then fixing it… the dopamine when something gets fixed is real.

Hardest part?

Seth: Some game pieces are really small… smaller than your hands. Working on pinball machines can be like working on cars with the types of challenges they present.   

Advice to someone considering joining the team

Seth: If you don’t have the desire to learn, this is not the place for you. You need to want to learn. Don’t be stuck in your ways and understand that the responsibilities from day to day can vary based on the needs of the business.

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role purpose

Proactively optimize safety, gaming and facility maintenance.


We have a small menu that is focused of efficiency and speed, but we're obsessed with changing as often as we want. You will have the opportunity to collaborate on the menu and have one of your dishes make it! You will uphold our standards of quality and cleanliness, and you will be supported by leaders who will support your personal growth and development.  

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Best part?

Milton: The culture and atmosphere are different from any other job. Everyone is like family, not just co-workers.

Hardest part?

Milton: The most challenging thing about working at Your 3rd Spot is the fast-paced volume and long nights.


Milton: Be ready to grow, be ready to expand, and be ready to learn new things daily.

role purpose

Focus, with intention, on quality, speed, and teamwork from start to finish.

station chef


Connecting our team to our guests, through our Mission, Purpose and Values.

our hospitality philosophy

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Our Leadership Team have been promoted from within. We are passionate about learning, growing and mentoring the next team of leaders. 

Growth is in our DNA


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Our Mission: Share in prosperity with our team

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