We’re Changing the Way People Connect

Welcome to Your 3rd Spot, how can we connect you today?”  

What is the point of building an entertainment venue if people don’t know how to connect inside of it?  Young professionals are moving to new cities and towns every day and need a “third place” (not home, not work) to meet and share connections with new people.  Existing residents in those cities and towns have all-too-often lost their sense of community and ability to form new connections as well.

In 2021, 74,247 Americans moved every day. That’s 27,100,000 moves in one year.

“I don’t know how to meet new people” – Every Millennial

Think about your best friend or your significant other.  What were the circumstances that led you to meet them?  Now imagine if you hadn’t.  It’s hard to fathom because our relationships are at the very center of our personal journeys.  Between the rise of social media as a replacement for in-person interaction and the impact of the pandemic, meeting and connecting with people in real life has become more challenging and awkward than ever.   

For nearly two years we’ve all been told to stay apart from each other and have formed new habits of “disconnecting”. As a result, the situations like those where you met your future best friend or significant other are happening less organically.

What if there was a place that focused first on facilitating the “connection”, including ice breakers and gave you a membership to return and strengthen relationships?  You could return frequently to meet new people in a fun, energetic, “Social Community” designed for meeting people and making memories. 

Your 3rd Spot is not an entertainment venue that serves food, drinks and games…Your 3rd Spot is a CONNECTION venue that happens to have an amazing small plates menu, a great beverage program and fun experiences that are curated for our guests as evolving points of connection. 

Our success is measured by the quality of connections we help to build and strengthen and we believe these connections build a brand affinity that will earn repeat guests for life.

Where Do We Go From Here? 

Bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues have long been the top places to meet people.  The beautiful alchemy of social lubrication, shared small plates, and games to break the ice are, no doubt, a winning formula. 

With the current challenges, though, just opening the doors and serving food, drink, and games, even top-shelf versions of each, simply isn’t enough.  We used to go out to meet people, but now we often don’t go out at all without the aid of matching apps.

With the rise and mass adoption of dating and friendship apps, which have grown in the last decade, there is a distinct opportunity to create a brick-and-mortar spot that encourages social connections more actively and nudges people more comfortably into new connections.  An all-inclusive spot made for adults, known by all who enter as the place is where you go if you want to meet people and expand your community.  

Setting the Stage

At Your 3rd Spot, guests will enter first into a calm and inviting “orientation room” where our team will explain our purpose of connecting people.  We’ll take a moment to explain orient guests towards our proprietary smartphone app that will match guests with other guests based on shared interests which become the ice breaker for connection.  The app becomes the catalyst for connecting people as well as for ordering food, drinks, queuing for experiences and eventually becoming a member of our social dining community.  

Enter Connectors

Because guests are placing their own orders and taking that responsibility out of the hands of the team, traditional servers are no longer required.  At Your 3rd Spot we don’t have servers, we have “connectors”.  A connector’s primary purpose is to learn about our guests and to connect them with their best possible experience. 

Whether it’s connecting with another group for some friendly competition or facilitating food and activities that will strengthen the bonds within the current group.  The connector will do everything they can to facilitate connections and guide the experience.

Our Mission

Everything at Your 3rd Spot has been designed with the desired outcomes of connecting people and building community in mind.  It is our focused mission to deliver these outcomes through everything we do. If you live or work close by, you’ll have the chance to become a member so you can visit more often to create a sense of community and extend your “social community” even further.

As we look further to the future, we are designing a brand that will have a place in the “Metaverse” where our guests can connect virtually and become members in our “Social Community” before they even step foot in our locations.  

We aim to be the place where friends, business people, and significant others find each other.  There is nothing more fulfilling than being a part of someone’s story and contributing to their happiness by helping facilitate connections and community. 

We will always be known as the brand that “you visit to meet people”.  In a world that has become divided and after a long period of separation, Your 3rd Spot brings people together and does something no other venue has done with such intentionality.  We are changing the way people connect.



May 10, 2022

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