“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

Paulo Coelho

we are purpose driven

Connecting People & Building Community

we are on a mission to

Value Time
Create Moments that Earn Memories
Encourage Evolving Exploration
Share In Prosperity with our Team and Community

Your 3rd Spot is an innovative, vibe-forward social dining experience dedicated to connecting people and building community through the merging of technology and hospitality. A collection of 70+ social games, upscale small plates dining, and craft beverages are paired with an “all-seasons” design to create an engaging, comfortable, sociable environment.

The concept was founded by a group of passionate hospitality industry leaders that are unified in the belief that gathering over great food, drink and fun is an essential part of the human experience. Our diverse team has over 200 years in the dining and entertainment space with a track record for successfully building brands.

We believe that providing autonomy, mastery, and purpose is the key to building a motivated team who can, in turn, deliver incredible experiences to our guests.

It always seems impossible until it’s not.

atlanta leadership team

kirt Strock

director of operations

Starting Role: Server
Fun Fact: Has 2 Chihuahua mixes, Binkey & Nugget

"I love the unwavering true support and follow-through of our team. We help each other, but we also push each other to always be achieving more and growing ourselves, even if it's just 1% per day." 

stuart rogers

director of culinary innovation

Starting Role: Dish Washer
Fun Fact: Caught a 9ft shark fishing off the coast of Florida when he was 13

"Most important to me as a leader and chef is developing and inspiring those I work with to be the best version of themselves that they can be.” 

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melissa davis

VP of Events + Community Connection

Starting Role: Sales Coordinator
Fun Fact: Loves adventures like skydiving and swimming with sharks 

"Giving to the community is a big part of Y3S which I am very passionate about and proud to work alongside like-minded leaders!" 

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jess rooks

director of events

Starting Role: Sales Coordinator
Fun Fact: Has two rescue dogs, Scrappy & Gumbo

"I am constantly inspired by this team to not only take care of the guests but support the team in the “trenches” too. Servant leadership at its best ❤️" 

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cam malcolm

Assistant director of operations

Starting Role: Experience Lead
Fun Fact: He is certified to teach two different environmental education courses

"I really love getting to provide great experiences for people, connecting with the community and creating effective change." 

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Diana Neculcea

Reservation & Operations Specialist

Starting Role: Receptionist 
Fun Fact: Moved to the US from Romania when she was 6.

"Our mission here is to create moments that earn memories, and I love working with like-minded individuals with a strong team mentality to go above and beyond for anyone that is looking to experience Your 3rd Spot in any capacity!” 

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jerry tymitz

director of SAFETY, GAMING + FACILITIES  |  managing partner

Starting Role: Technician
Fun Fact: Enjoys a fine Mead

"I appreciate that at Y3S it isn’t about ego, just about things being done the “right way”.  

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kaitlyn knaak

beverage manager

Starting Role: Bartender
Fun Fact: Grew up in Minnesota 

"We are the definition of grit, integrity, and fun! We focus on our kaizen approach by getting 1% better every day leading to steady gains for sustained success."

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Chris Davis

Security + Safety manager

Starting Role: Security
Fun Fact: Plays 7 instruments including Tuba and Harp

"We hold each other accountable and lift each other up. I also love meeting different guest that walk into our building. It's different people = stories that walk into our culture and we embrace them."

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Tanaya Roberson

Guest Experience Leader

Starting Role: Experience Lead
Fun Fact: Has goals of skydiving and exploring every state in the U.S.

"I respect the type of people who fit our culture. It’s hard and people care a lot. I appreciate that in everyone who is here."

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Michaela “Mich” Finlayson

Guest Service & Hospitality Manager

Starting Role: Connector
Fun Fact: Enjoys painting, knitting, candle making, and pottery

"I love the level of care among the team. There is a genuine support in the culture that aligns with who I am."

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There is nothing like the feeling of a shared experience. Surrounded by people, in the moment, making memories. 

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Your 3rd Spot

Our team at AMP Up1 Hospitality have decades of industry experience. We built the place we wanted to see in the world, the place we wanted to go. It was missing, so we created it. Two and a half years were spent planning & building employee owned brand, Your 3rd Spot. We're proud to be operating our first location in Atlanta, GA!

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