Your 3rd Spot

is a motivated group of individuals who have driven eatertainment forward for over a decade and have embarked on this new journey together.

Meet the team

we are purpose driven

Connecting People & Building Community

we are on a mission to

Value Time
Create Moments that Earn Memories
Encourage Evolving Exploration
Share In Prosperity with our Team and Community

People need to have a spot to escape & connect in real life

WE BELIEVE that our best memories involve sharing meals, playing games and being present with each other. All these distractions allow us to disconnect and recharge.

We built the place we wanted to see in the world, the place we wanted to go. It was missing, so we created it.

social dining

a new kind of


your 3rd Spot

1st Spot

Where We Spend Our Time

2nd Spot



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The true “third place” provides us with what we cannot get from work or home. It’s a spot to play, to converse, and to explore. It’s an inclusive and accommodating gathering grounds where relationships are built and grown. It’s your home away from home.   

That 3rd Spot is necessary now more than ever…

3rd Spot

in any 3rd spot

in any

Community is Created

Exploration is Encouraged

Memories are Made

Time is Valued

People Connect

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