Friends taking selfie at a bar

Everyone is Part of the Story

Group of friends taking selfie at a bar

We are in the people business. This includes ALL people – guests and team members from all backgrounds and communities.   

We are committed to creating an environment of diversity, inclusion and belonging where people can connect and communities can be built.

We foster a culture that treats each other with respect and empathy, creating safety, trust and belonging. We are a culture of growth which comes from reflection, listening, supporting and learning from each other.  

Every person is a door to a different world, and only when we allow each other to bring our full, authentic selves to a situation, do we get access to that world. In that place of acceptance, we are able to learn from each other’s life experiences, culture, knowledge and beliefs. Through this growth and understanding, we connect and fulfill our purpose.

At the 3rd Spot, everyone’s a part of the story.  All are welcome. 

(Except jerks. Jerks can stay home.)



July 2, 2021

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