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There are not many celebrations where a key component to the experience doesn’t involve some type of imbibing.  Well known as a “social lubricant”, alcohol can make us feel social, euphoric, confident and more relaxed.  There is a reason this is typically the first course in social settings and why people’s night out or celebration typically always has some form of libation on the menu.  

“I drink to make other people more interesting.” — Ernest Hemingway

At The 3rd Spot, our purpose is “connecting people and building community”.  Our beverage program is an important catalyst to help make this happen.  Whatever your social lubricant happens to be, our goal is to make it with the highest quality ingredients and then deliver it quickly, safely and in a way that evokes a feeling of celebration and memory making by presenting our libations in unique and memorable ways. 

First we imbibe, then we make memories.  

Have you ever noticed how your skills improve at darts, corn hole, bowling, pinball and just about any game you play after a drink or two?  Nearly every one of the 70+ “experiences” we’ve curated at The 3rd Spot have been put on the menu to compliment our beverage program.  Sure, we’ve matched our food to the drinks as well, but why doesn’t it make sense to also pair the drinks to the environment and our audience to create the ultimate experience?  

Make it easy, make it obvious and make it satisfying. 

Ever stood three deep at a bar or being in a space with hundreds of people who all want the same thing?  Looking at the bartenders and thinking, “I’m going to be here forever trying to order”.  We have too, and we are far more impatient than most people when it comes to waiting.  “Value time” is the first line in our mission statement, and we’ve designed a program that allows us to deliver drinks faster.  

Instead of trying to remember everything and making everyone feel like they have to give you simple instructions like “Tito’s and Soda”, “Bud Light” or “what she’s having”, what if everyone could order whatever they wanted and send the order to the bartender directly?  Now you can.  Download The 3rd Spot app to utilize mobile ordering and carry your server or bartender in your pocket.  Your order gets sent to the bartender, and then brought to your location once it’s made!

“America is all about speed. Hot, nasty, badass speed.” ― Will Ferrell

Quickly getting the drink you chose into your hand is the most important step.  We realize over 85% of the venue isn’t at the bar, so we’ve designed dedicated service bars to create efficiency when it comes time to put in your order.  This way, the group that just walked into the bar doesn’t get in the way of you getting what you’ve already ordered.

We love a good craft cocktail, and you’ll love ours, but there is no value added by having to watch and wait on a bartender meticulously executing a 14-step process to make your drink (if you aren’t at the bar, you can’t see it anyways).  We want our guests to enjoy these and we know most people choose simple options to avoid being the jerk who orders the “well done steak” while everyone at the table is starving.  To get these premium cocktails to you as efficiently as possible, we embrace batching our cocktails.  We take the steps to ensure a quality cocktail behind the scenes. Turning 14 steps into 2, allows you to get back to the fun and gives our team more time to get to know you so that we can better serve you.

Help yourself

Ever try to order a beer, and the bartender is busy, and dream about jumping over the bar to pour the beer yourself?  It’s so fast and simple.  Does it really require the time and expertise of the bartender?   Why should you have to wait longer because another guest has a complicated order? You just want a beer!  We agree with you and we have the solution.  We built in our signature pour your own beer wall.

Simply scan a beautiful craft tap selection, purchase your ounces through our app, and you can go to the wall and dispense the beer of your choice! 

Bottles and cans and just clap your hands

Who is the most important person at the picnic or the barbecue?  Answer, the person with the cooler.  Who doesn’t have memories at the beach, picnic or cookout with an old-school igloo cooler?  Imagine being able to load a cooler up with some ice and canned beverages, then take that back to your corn hole boards or cabana to share with your friends?  Mix and match from our can selection (beer, hard seltzer, wine, mixed drinks) to fill your own cooler.

We’ve also embraced fun can options for certain mixed-drink “staples” like vodka sodas and mai tais.  We don’t need to prove that we make the world’s best vodka soda (would you notice or care if we did?).  There are wonderful pre-made options out there that we can get in your hand in a fraction of the time.  Sometimes, having an immaculately cold can is just better.  In the unCommons, where you’re immersed in a fun outdoor vibe, nothing adds to the experience more than a frosty can, just like you’re in your backyard on the 4th of July.

Then there is wine.  We love wine, but who wants $50 a bottle when you’re just trying to hang out?  How old are those wines by the glass you’ve been getting served at bars?  Wine in cans is good!  If it’s in a can, it’s fresh.  The magical effervescence of your sparkling rose as you crack yours open… Just feels more authentic and less pretentious than a fancy silver stand and a bottle next to your giant Jenga table in your cabana.  Besides, your next one will be just as bubbly as the first one since it won’t be from the bottle that starts dying as soon as you open it.

Moments that earn memories – do it for the ‘gram (no one takes pictures of a vodka soda). 

Know what really sucks when you’re looking at a cocktail list?  Having to choose.  Inevitably, multiple drinks look delicious, and you end up married to your choice.  With beers, there are at least flights.  Why can’t we do the same with cocktails?  Well… you can.  With our sharing towers you’re able to share ½ portions of incredible craft cocktails – served to you in a funky display, that allows you to get a taste of multiple of our craft cocktails.  Enjoy more of what we do well.

Ichi…ni…san…sake bomb!

The only thing more fun than enjoying cerebral lubrication is doing so in a celebratory moment with your besties.  While the origins of the Sake bomb are cloudy, it’s clear that the ritual is one part team building and one part turbo booster for your experience.  We have crafted a beautiful Sake list so you can find the perfect flavor for your group to take the night up a notch and have some serious fun in the process.

Do you even porron, bro?

Want a great ice breaker for your night out?   Enjoy passing that magical glass bottle, filled with a chilled white wine, around.  Give the bottle a tip, and see how much distance you can get from the bottle to your lips.  Pro tip:  start close, then slowly extend your arm as you get brave.

We Drink with our Eyes

Food gets a lot of attention for being a multi-sensory experience.  The presentation and aromas are almost as important as the taste.  Drinks are the same way – we drink first with our eyes.  The subtle placement of a flower or garnish and the weight and feel of the glass can alter the entire vibe of the cocktail.  You can be transported to 1962 New York, or to a hammock on a beach, all with the proper garnish and glassware.  Even a simple red solo cup elicits feelings of being carefree and fun.  We love this attention to detail.  How our cocktails list impacts how our brain perceives them, which ultimately impacts our enjoyment.

Socially imbibing is not a pretentious activity, and when done responsibly, can be a key ingredient to enhancing experiences and creating epic adventures.  We’ve created an environment that removes much of the stress from choosing and ordering, integrates beverages into the fun and allows you to focus on sharing experiences with the people around you. Our libations program is built for you to make memories with us here at The 3rd Spot, and we think you’re going to enjoy it.  Cheers!



June 9, 2021

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