Early Life/Events and People that shaped him

Jerry was born in North Lauderdale Florida as the youngest of 3 children. He spent the first 10 years of his life living that “beach life”. Jerry participated in the Comanche Indian Guides (yes, just like the Chevy Chase and JTT classic movie Man of the House). This had Jerry spending lots of time in the great outdoors fishing, hiking and learning the value of teamwork through competition.

Start of the Journey

When Jerry was 16, he moved to Chicago where he entered into his 1st job in hospitality at Hickory Hills Lanes. Here, he worked the front counter, snack bar, stocked coolers, and learned to work on the bowling equipment. It was at Hickory Lanes where he met his mentor Willy Waller, who taught Jerry about mechanical process and self-reliance. 

It was in 2012, however, when Jerry found a home at Kings Dining & Entertainment. Here, he began at a suburban Chicago location. He learned multiple roles (host, security), but it was as a technician where he shined. Jerry’s endearing selflessness and dependable hard work allowed him to shine and kept him on an upward trajectory. He worked his way through the ranks, eventually becoming the Facilities Manager of the company’s Chicago location.

Jerry was always the consummate team player, and this is never more evident than his willingness to relocate in order to do what was best for the team. Through Jerry’s journey, he worked at 5 different locations. Where Jerry went, GREAT operational turnarounds followed. This was not a coincidence. Regardless of the condition of the team or the building upon Jerry’s arrival, results eventually followed.   

His mentors Aaron Sagendorf, Mike Rodd and Neno Albert saw his passion for training and repairing broken equipment. Jerry possesses the most incredible sense of pride and ownership in what he does. It isn’t about ego, he just cares about things being done the “right way”. There was never a time when a game or piece of equipment was down and Jerry didn't know about it. If you mentioned it, he’d already have a diagnosis and parts or a vendor on the way. 

Jerry’s impact was also felt on a larger scale across the company. His voice and efforts were instrumental in creating preventive maintenance systems and training processes for the entire company. He was able to develop many top talents that went on to run their own facilities with his mentorship.

Y3S Atlanta

When it came time to open Your 3rd Spot in Atlanta, Jerry answered the call to move again. He was the “top draft pick” of Aaron, Mike and the AMP Up1 Hospitality team. Openings are incredibly difficult and it takes a special leader to excel under these conditions, especially when it is a new concept where there are a lot of unknowns and your systems are all new.

Jerry has lived up to the expectations and more. Not only did he guide the facilities team, with a model of pinsetters nobody had worked on before, through the best opening anyone has ever seen, he’s also created the most remarkable learning environment for his team. 

Jerry now leads his team of technicians through unprecedented volume with his trademark consistent temperament. Sharing his knowledge and unique brand of candor, paying his mentorship forward, as was once done with him.  

In January 2024, Jerry took the next step in his journey as he was promoted to Director of Safety, Gaming + Facilities as a newly minted Managing Partner. His focus has shifted from opening and maintaining Y3S Atlanta, to developing and evolving systems and processes that will help the department grow into the future. 

Outside of Y3S

When not at Y3S, you can find Jerry thrifting, reading fantasy novels, playing video games or enjoying a fine mead at a renaissance fair. He is notoriously easy going and even-tempered, both in and out of work.  

Jerry’s journey has been remarkable, and we cannot wait to see where it takes him next. Stay tuned…