Early Life: A Portrait of Empathy and Optimism
From the sunny landscapes of Mesa, AZ, to the vibrant community of Stone Mountain, Michaela (affectionately known as Mich) has always shone brightly. Raised as an only child by her amazing mother and grandparents, she embodies a rare mix of empathy, optimism, and stoic professionalism. Sharing a birthday with her mother, Mich radiates the kind-heartedness and positivity that have been her guiding lights. Inspired by Michelle Obama's philosophy, "When they go low, we go high," she navigates life with a 'glass half-full' mindset, ideal for both hospitality and leadership.

Education and Career Path: Embracing Passion and Adaptability
Mich's academic journey is a testament to her adaptability and self-awareness. Excelling top in her class in high school, she embraced higher education at UGA as a Bill Gates Scholar, majoring in Biological Science. Although she initially pursued an MSN program at Emory aiming for a career in nursing, Mich's introspection led her to realize her true calling lay elsewhere. Heeding her mother's expert advice to follow her passion, she pivoted towards the hospitality industry, finding joy and purpose in every guest interaction and hasn’t looked back.  

Hospitality Career: Natural Leadership in Action
Throughout high school and college, Mich's foray into hospitality began with a serving job at a large national chain. It was here that her love for hospitality and innate leadership skills flourished. Mich excels in creating memorable experiences for guests, bringing empathy and joy into their lives, which resonates deeply with her personal ethos. If you observe closely, you'll see how intuitively she navigates guest situations, a skill stemming from her meticulous attention to detail whenever she's in a room.

Y3S Atlanta: A Journey of Growth and Leadership
Mich's adventure at Your 3rd Spot (Y3S) in Atlanta began through her college friend who worked at Y3S. She was captivated by the positive and hospitable culture reminiscent of 'Chick-fil-a in a Hawaiian shirt'. Starting as a humble yet confident professional, Mich quickly distinguished herself. Her integrity and consistent performance caught the leadership's eye, leading to her involvement in training and project management. Her evolving voice and presence on the floor exemplified her natural leadership, culminating in her well-deserved promotion to Guest Service & Hospitality Manager. Mich has an uncanny ability to be the most calming presence in any situation. She has such a stoic, yet humble way about her that is captivating to anyone who is near her.  

Life Beyond Y3S:
Outside Y3S, Mich's world is filled with music, friends, family, and a passion for design, fashion, and arts & crafts. Influenced by her artist mother, she engages in painting, knitting, candle making, and pottery. A self-proclaimed daredevil, Mich dreams of skydiving, visiting the Maldives and Tokyo, and adding a sewing machine to her creative arsenal.

Conclusion: The Journey Continues
Michaela’s story is a vivid illustration of grit, empathy, optimism, and self-awareness. Her journey at Y3S and beyond is a beacon of inspiration, and we eagerly anticipate the next chapters in her extraordinary path.

Stay tuned as her journey continues…