Early Life

Tanaya grew up in the vibrant neighborhood of Harlem, sharing a special bond with her mother. However, at 16, life handed her a difficult lesson with the sudden loss of her mother and stepfather. Adapting to new circumstances, she moved to Brooklyn and stepped into a journey of introspection and self-awareness.

Tanaya's experiences gave her a unique perspective on change and an incredible sense of optimism. When life's unexpected turns come her way, she faces them with grit and resilience, realizing that change often brings about new beginnings. This positive approach has shaped the confident and grateful Tanaya we know and love today.

Start of the Journey

Tanaya's post-high school days took her to Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island with aspirations in Sports Management. Yet, it quickly became clear that neither the statistics nor Rhode Island were her jam. So, she returned to New York and started her journey in hospitality, first as a cashier near the Barclays Center where her natural leadership and adaptability saw her quickly ascend to a supervisor role.

Her next adventure was at El Rio Grande on Manhattan's Lower East Side. Within a month, she climbed to a managerial role, absorbing the rich culture of a high volume establishment that had been around for decades. It was here that she met Diane, her mentor, and second mother figure. Diane's teachings coupled with Tanaya's inherent empathy made her who she is in her professional life. Later, she expanded her horizons at Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine as the AGM until the pandemic ushered in a time of reflection and change.  

This period led her south, to the welcoming embrace of Atlanta Georgia, where she decided to establish new roots as an expecting mother.

Y3S Atlanta

Tanaya's introduction to Y3S was serendipitous. While planning her birthday, she chanced upon this spot, promising her favorite decadent treat, foie gras served whipped in a cannoli shell. This piqued her interest and she decided to look closer and was intrigued by this new place opening soon in Atlanta. It seemed very different from any place she’d seen in the City and started following the venue's progress.

Life then looped her back to Y3S as she sought her next professional chapter. Tanaya had been patiently seeking an opportunity that could compare to the previous venue she worked at. She craved the culture, mentorship and values she has grown to love with her previous place of employment and refused to settle for anything else.  

Tanaya took a chance and submitted her resume to Your 3rd Spot and was thrilled to get an email for her to come speak with the team. She met with Josh, Kirt, Melissa, and Cam, and she felt right at home. She was hired on and became part of the “Founding Team”. Embracing every challenge with grit and a touch of humor, she reveled in the dynamic environment of Y3S and decided to bet on herself by taking the job as an “Experience Lead”.  

Tanaya's confidence, combined with her protective nature, made her a team favorite. Whether it was defining the “Garden” space or addressing day-to-day challenges, she approached every task with determination, self-awareness, and a can-do attitude. Watching her work is an inspiration for many who marvel in her abilities to solve problems while maintaining a high level of hospitality. Tanaya shaped the culture for so many who follow in her footsteps and work hard to achieve her level of organizational enlightenment. 

Her promotion to leadership was a testament to the trust and respect she'd garnered from the entire team for the way she carries herself and how she makes decisions. Each and every day she would go home and think of ways to improve the team and guest experience and would return with a plan and execute it.  

Outside of Y3S

Tanaya's heart is filled with joy and pride for her amazing son, Akhari, which translates to "brother that brings light." Their days are packed with outdoor adventures under Atlanta's sun, drawing together, watching Disney classics, and sharing a mutual love for anything with wheels. 

When she's not with Akhari, Tanaya immerses herself in films by her favorite directors. She's also an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying moments in nature, especially the beaches. Tanaya's love for food extends beyond fancy restaurants; she's always on the hunt for new, authentic experiences.  

On her bucket list? Skydiving and exploring every state in the U.S., seeking out hidden gems along the way.

Tanaya's journey has been a testament to her adaptability, optimism, and strength. We're eagerly waiting to see where her next chapter leads. Stay tuned as her journey continues…