Everything is “figureoutable” is the signature mantra for optimist and solutions-focused renaissance woman Melissa Davis. Indeed, Melissa’s patient, determined, “can-do” demeanor has paved a road of success for Melissa and earned the universal respect of her teammates and clients.  

Melissa’s work ethic became apparent earlier then most, growing up in Billerica, Massachusetts and starting to work in retail at the age of 16. Even as a teenager, her leadership skills shined through as she quickly moved into a management position lasting throughout her high school experience. It was in the retail world that Melissa began to learn the important principles of guest service that would benefit her throughout her career. After graduating, she studied Entertainment Business Management at Bay State College in Boston. During this time Melissa left retail and began her career in hospitality as a guest services agent at a hotel where she was able to make connections with new guests every day and leave a lasting impression. Melissa moved into a concierge management position where she was able to use her impressive knowledge of the Boston area to direct guests to exciting sights and destinations. Melissa was then promoted to a Sales Coordinator position which is where her passion for events started to flourish.
Melissa wanted to further her event experience so, as a motivated self-starter, she began producing unique fashion show events at bars and nightclubs with celebrity hosts. These were the first of their kind in the city of Boston and a great success. Melissa handled every aspect of the events including hiring talent, arranging travel, marketing, sponsors, ticket sales and show flow. Melissa loved everything about live events so she also began to work for Radio Disney on the weekends, traveling with a small team hosting events all over New England in a combination role of DJing and hosting.  
Simultaneously, Melissa was an Event Manager for a restaurant group in Boston booking events for up to nine locations, each location differing from upscale restaurants to nightclubs to bars. Melissa adapted to the sales system very quickly and learned how to do administrative tasks with menu changes and new restaurant openings.

After four years with the restaurant group, Melissa was ready to expand her experience and grow her career. It was at this time that Melissa officially joined Kings Dining & Entertainment team in December 2014 with the opening of Kings Burlington as an Event Sales Manager. In her new role, Melissa helped to open one of the biggest, busiest and most dynamic locations Kings had built to date. Melissa immediately stood out as a leader in the role as she worked around the clock to help build the events business, client relationships and worked with the team to help with outreach and planning special events in store. After only 6 months she was promoted to Senior Event Sales Manager in Burlington, stepping up to lead the sales team in that location. 
Melissa was always the first to raise her hand and was willing to take on more, so as the company converted its event bookings platform to “Salesforce”, Melissa volunteered her time to help with the development, training and rollout of the system. Her deep understanding of event bookings, client needs and technical acumen allowed her to be a major force in the company-wide adoption of this software. 
Melissa earned the title of “Director of Events Training and Technology”, a title she held for years before eventually leaving the company to pursue her next career move with AMP Up1 Hospitality.

With AMP UP1 Hospitality, Melissa was one of the founding members of Your 3rd Spot, working with the team to develop and innovate the concept throughout the pandemic and beyond. Her insight, expertise and vision for events have shaped how Y3S has evolved from “typical” eatertainment events to become far easier to book and to add a special magic to every detail of their execution. 

When Your 3rd Spot opened in November of 2022, Melissa started as the Director of Events & Community. Melissa was a leader in every sense of the word, navigating through opening challenges, keeping the team aligned, constantly improving systems, setting and crushing aggressive goals and being the ultimate host to event clients. Melissa’s impact reached far beyond events as the ultimate teammate, always looking out for her colleagues, helping to solve problems and looking out for and dodging roadblocks.   

In July of 2023, Melissa was promoted to VP of Events & Community Connection responsible for overseeing event sales, continuing to ensure outstanding hospitality for her clients and leading the way in partnering with incredible and deserving local organizations and community leaders. 

In her spare time, she is always looking for new adventures whether it’s skydiving, getting some new ink or adventuring in a new destination with friends or family. Melissa is also an avid concert goer and involved in numerous philanthropic efforts.