Cam Malcolm is proudly from Gwinnett County, Georgia. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by his faith and his family, specifically his father and grandfather. They taught him to work hard in anything he does, have respect for others, and that pure kindness is how you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. 

To say he’s literally lived up those lessons may be an understatement as he lives them every day as a selfless, optimistic, hardworking team player. There is such a sincere authenticity and sense of integrity in Cam that is evident from the moment you shake his hand.  

Cam has a passion for helping and serving others which started in middle school when he got very involved with his youth group. Having the opportunity to travel the world to places such as Mexico, Panama, and South Africa, he was able to learn from others, dive into different cultures, and establish lasting ties. This is where he learned the true meaning of “Gratitude” which is how we looks at every new opportunity, new food dish or great experience he is able to be a part of. Cam sees these things as gifts.  

Having played sports his entire life, Cam understands and values the importance of being a great teammate and knows that being the person you want to “play with” is more important than just being the best.

Cam has always been a hard worker. He worked through high school and college and various food service establishments and local park maintenance. His hospitality career started at a local frozen yogurt store near his house and bussing tables at the Atlanta Athletic Club. Anything he attempted, he worked hard and with integrity just because he doesn’t know any other way.  

Cam attended Georgia Southern and majored in Recreation. He knew he loved seeing people having fun and connecting over a shared or team experience. Prior to graduation, Cam applied as an Experience Lead at the very first Your 3rd Spot. When he applied, he wasn’t entirely sure what he was signing up for, but he had a feeling that Y3S was more than it seemed… 

Y3S Journey Begins

The PURPOSE of Your 3rd Spot is to Connect People and Build Community has strongly resonated with Cam as his family, faith and community are so important to him. He finds great strength in a community's ability to selflessly support its members as he’s been on the receiving end of this support during some challenging times. It’s core to who he is and how he views the world. Y3S values and Cam’s values aligned instantly. 

Cam was among the 1st hires at Y3S, starting as an “Experince Lead”. Cam was able to spend time with the leadership team pre-opening and was instantly recognized as someone with incredible leadership potential. It was apparent that he was incredibly driven, fearless and coachable. He kept showing up, being vulnerable and was a sponge to all new information thrown his way. He was working with the leadership team every day, learning and growing until it became obvious to the team that they couldnt imagine not having Cam on their team. He left the team no choice but to promote him into a leadership role before Y3S was even open. 

Part of what makes Cam a special leader is that he understands it isn’t about him. To him, leadership is a selfless act of serving others, impacting change through empowered action and growing the team around you. He’s the true embodiment of Servant Leadership, a guiding principle of the Y3S culture. 

Cam’s incredible adaptability, grit and empathy have earned him the respect and admiration of the team. He embldies the idea of “consistancy over intensity” with an incredible “action muscle” and is dependable beyond his years- he just gets stuff done. HIs energy knows no bounds and is the bar set for the entire team as Cam maintains his signature great attitude from the start of his shift until the moment he walks out the doors.  

In just under a year, Cam has grown so much. Every time he has been given power, he has proven he knows how to use it for good. Cam has moved through several departments with ease as he has relied on his process to guide him. He credits much of his success to the many mentors who has invested time into his growth and taking him out of his comfort zone, but those that know, realize he was already wired for greatness and admire how much he is willing to let go so he can grow.  

Each department Cam has been trusted to lead has grown and improved. AMPlifiers, to Connectors and then Experience Leads. This is not a coincidence. His process transfers to every role. Each challenge is approached with humility, curiosity, and a sincerity that allows him to connect and grow.   

Cam understands that it’s not about “improving” the department, but growing and developing the team within the department. That’s how lasting change happens and culture is built.

In January 2024, Cam took the next step on his journey as he was promoted to be the Y3S brand’s 1st ever Assistant Director of Operations. Here he will be tackling exciting new challenges, looking at the brand and business from a new perspective. Once again pushed outside his comfort zone. His remarkable ascension is a testament to the type of “servant leader” Cam is, and proves that growth isn’t achieved through ego, but by caring about your team and being coachable.  

Stay Tuned…
When he’s not dominating in the cornhole arena at Y3S you can find Cam hanging out with friends, cheering on his Atlanta Braves, Falcons, going to the movies or playing any sport possible. Especially golf- any type of golf from disc golf to regular golf. You’d be surprised to learn that Cam is a secret adrenaline junkie who’s bucket list involves skydiving, bungee jumping and backpacking across Europe.

Cam is a special leader who is one to watch in this industry and his journey is just beginning…