Outdoor Fun

Being Outdoors Enhances Experiences

 Memorial Day, baseball, cook outs, live music… What do these things have in common? 

They are all best when they are experienced OUTSIDE in the sun.

What is it about being about the annual ritual of being outside during those first warm days of the year, once your sweatpants are packed away, that makes it so special?  

After a thorough scientific study, the team at AMP Up1 would like to share its findings on why being outside is so awesome:  

  • Lawn Games
    • Corn hole, bocce, ring toss, horseshoes, giant connect 4, giant Jenga.  They aren’t just for kids, and being outside with a giant-sized version of a nostalgic favorite is just clean, good, old fashioned fun.  Nothing quite like being overly competitive with a frosty canned beverage in your hand.
  • The worse the wifi, the better the connection.
    • The moments when all of your friends actually forget they have phones are more likely to happen in an outdoor environment.  We’re present for each other, no laptops or televisions to distract us.  Just that moment, and trying to make it last as long as possible.
    • It’s an unspoken agreement that being outside means that “inside” business is off limits.  It’s so easy to get lost in the vibe that is “being outside”- why would you want to waste a second of it?  
  • Cold beverages taste better.
    • Undisputed fact.  Test for yourself… we’ll wait.  The coldness of the glass or can in your hand, contrasted by the warm sun is incredible.  The condensation, the melting ice, the sound of a can opening echoing across the lawn… magical.
  • Sunlight.
    • Cannot forget about the sun- the burning ball of gas at the center of our solar system that makes all of this possible.  The sun makes you feel good, helps you tan, it’s warm, it makes you feel good.  Vitamin D is good for you, and you can get it from the sun.  It’s warm which is better than cold and way better than the inside of your apartment that you’ve been stuck in for 15 months.
  • It’s good for you… seriously.
    • Vitamin D, but we already said that.
    • Being in nature lowers our levels of stress, boosts our immune system and moving around is good for your heart.  Simultaneously charging  your batteries while also giving you calmness.  Actual science!
  • Dogs can hang out with you on patios.
    • They are our best friends.  Any excuse to watch them bask in the sun while we’re able to also enjoy a lawn game and sangria is an absolute win.  Dog watching has become more fun than people watching.

We can go on… but we’d rather be outside right now.  The first few warm days are a sign from mother nature that we need to take the opportunity to unplug from our screens, reunite with our friends, and have fun. 



June 3, 2021

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