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At The 3rd Spot, our purpose is Connecting People and Building Community.  We do this through fulfilling our mission;  SHARE In Prosperity With Our Team & Community.

Our “3rd Spot Shares” program exists to make our community support a reality. Through this program we will donate a percentage of membership fees to member nominated organizations, host fundraising events, volunteer our time within the community, and regularly partner with local charities to support them with their specific needs.

This desire to share comes from our people.  We recently asked our team about some of the causes they are passionate about, and we are proud to share the stories behind their support.

Food is part of our soul as a company.  It’s terrifying to consider how  prevalent food insecurity is and how COVID-19 has only exacerbated the problem.  According to Feeding America, more than 13 million children may experience food insecurity.  This is a cause that is always front of mind for our co-founder, Josh Rossmeisl.  “Food awareness education and food insecurities are not highlighted enough in this country. Starting with a good education at a young age that helps teach kids about food and its effects on the body and mind. It’s so hard to imagine how there are children in our country who have food insecurities. I love all causes that support helping people and choose to highlight this one as I think the king term.”  

For some, the causes hit extra close to home. 

Doug Warner and Brendan LeBlanc put their support behind diseases that have impacted their families. 

Co-founder Doug Warner; “I’m passionate about supporting research to cure cancer. My mother is a cancer survivor and my father lost his battle with cancer just over 6 years ago. It seems everyone has a powerful story and connection to the cause these days and with modern medicine, a lot of attention and funding, it’s only a matter of time until we conquer it. I support by raising funds and participating in events like the Annual “Making Strides” walk to raise awareness!” 

Brendan’s passion and support for muscular dystrophy has given him new perspective.  “My two little cousins Caeden and Devin have both been fighting this disease for a while. While sometimes you get down on yourself looking at what they go through daily and how they fight is motivating and inspiring.”   

Corey Simpson chooses to give his support to organizations that were there for him when he was growing up.  “YMCA & Boy and Girls Club – I’m passionate about these because these were major causes in the area I grew up in. I’ve spent hours at the YMCA playing basketball or other sports vs getting into trouble. I know many adults now, but kids then that these programs impacted in a positive way.”  

Others turn their support to our furry best friends. 

According to the ASPCA, more than 6.5 million animals are taken to shelters annually.  Both Amanda Murray and Erin Callahan have fostered dogs to keep them out of shelters and to help them find forever homes.  For Erin, who has been known to bring “good boy” by the office, it’s Last Hope K9.  “Who doesn’t love dogs 🙂 Even though I am currently on a break from fostering dogs I still support them by ordering off of which contributes donations to LHK9 from the sale.”

Amanda has put her support behind Animal Rescue. “I have two rescue dogs and to be able to give a home to a dog who ended up in a bad situation through no fault of their own, is so rewarding. We’ve fostered dogs as well through a local rescue, it’s amazing to see animals flourish when they go from the shelter to a real home. I encourage anyone considering adding a pet to the family to consider adopting a rescue animal.” 

Finding ways to give and help others is at the core of who we are as a team.  There are so many terrific organizations doing meaningful work to raise awareness and help those in need within our communities. Our facilities and team provide us with the most incredible opportunity to bring people together and “do good”.   Through our 3rd Spot Shares program, we’re committed to being a difference maker within our community.  

Learn more about The 3rd Spot Shares by visiting our Community page



June 1, 2021

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