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“Welcome to Your 3rd Spot, how can we connect you today?”   What is the point of building an entertainment venue if people don’t know how to connect inside of it?  Young professionals are moving to new cities and towns every day and need a “third place” (not home, not work) to meet and share connections […]

We’re Changing the Way People Connect

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Our Need for Connection Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, technology was slowly pushing us into a different type of isolation. The convenience provided by technology made us increasingly reluctant to look beyond our homes or workplace for anything. Zoom calls, social media, dating apps, emails, delivery services… With so many people at our fingertips, we’re slowly […]

Introducing Your 3rd Spot™️: The Future of Experiential Dining

The 3rd Spot

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In ‘eatertainment’, we design and build our venues around the guest experience. We want to maximize their journey through the venue and “wow” them with artistically clever touches. We’ve all seen Bar Rescue and know how design can influence guest behaviors. Who doesn’t want a beautiful space that leads the guest to the desired experience?

Improving the Server Experience

Server Experience

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Our “3rd Spot Shares” program exists to make our community support a reality. Through this program we will donate a percentage of membership fees to member nominated organizations, host fundraising events, volunteer our time within the community, and regularly partner with local charities to support them with their specific needs.

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