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Introducing Your 3rd Spot™️: The Future of Experiential Dining

Our Need for Connection

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, technology was slowly pushing us into a different type of isolation. The convenience provided by technology made us increasingly reluctant to look beyond our homes or workplace for anything.
Zoom calls, social media, dating apps, emails, delivery services… With so many people at our fingertips, we’re slowly programming our way towards making physical connections, at best, an afterthought. In extreme cases, we’re making them obsolete.
Humans are social animals. We have a primal need to connect with each other. To be together. To belong to a “tribe”.

Where We Spend Our Time

Most would agree, our most valuable and finite resource is time. Given this limited resource, it’s important that we carefully consider where we spend it.
Home. Work. Home. Work. It’s a never-ending cycle. We commit a majority of our lives to these two places. Home is with your family, work is with your colleagues. They come with their own sets of responsibilities and expectations.
We are taught to not bring work home and not bring home to work. For many, however, the pandemic has blurred the lines between the two, creating a homogeneous and dangerously indecipherable blend. When you work from home, when does work end and home begin?
When we do venture out for respite, think about how these places are designed.
You get your coffee at coffee shops. Counter takeout for sandwiches and burritos. Movies at movie theaters. Music venues have….well, music. We go to them as needed, but their specialized nature causes a lack of social continuity. Each is typically designed around the “main event” and not the connection between the people attending it.
Most places focus on the product first instead of thinking “what do we want the result to be”, and design the product to be an amenity to the emotion and connection.

The Third Place

There’s a term coined by Sociologist Ray Oldenberg, “the third place”. It’s your go-to place outside of home and work. It’s a place for friends, fun, games, conversation, relaxing, laughing, creating memories, breaking bread, and connecting with each other.
“What suburbia cries for are the means for people to gather easily, inexpensively, regularly, and pleasurably — a “place on the corner,” real-life alternatives to television…” explained Oldenburg in an article he wrote about how “third places” were vanishing from society and taking with it a sense of community and belonging that is coded in our DNA to crave.
Oldenberg’s third place is distinguishable by several distinct characteristics. At the third place, all are welcome and there by choice. It’s laid back in nature and occupied by regulars who are there to relax and converse. It’s accessible and accommodating, open to members of the community from all walks of life. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and has a playful atmosphere that feels like a home away from home for all.

Today’s most popular venues convert on only a few of these characteristics, often sacrificing conversation, regulars, and community for quick, feature-driven activities and anonymous volume. They are less about connection than they are about distraction.
The true “third place” provides us with what we cannot get from work or home mirroring Abraham Maslow’s 1943 Hierarchy of Needs model:

That third place is necessary now more than ever…


Your 3rd Spot Logo

Our Purpose
Connecting people and building community
Our Mission
To Value Time | Create Moments that Earn Memories | Encourage Evolving Exploration | Share in Prosperity With Our Team and Community

A New Model of ‘Eatertainment’

Your 3rd Spot™ offers a uniquely synergistic and integrated approach to upscale “eatertainment”. The guest experience is valued over the features. The amenities exist only to provide you with different opportunities to connect and create memories.
The Team behind Your 3rd Spot™ has worked in dining and entertainment for a combined 200+ years with an average tenure together of 11 years. Company founder and CEO, Josh Rossmeisl, has known and grown most of the team from hourly positions to executive leadership over the course of 20+ years. This rare alignment in an oft-transient industry led the team to band together and create a unique and integrated experience that has lacked in the space.
We’ve blended the cafe, the beer garden, the social club, the bar, the restaurant, and the gaming place under one social ecosystem with technology designed to let you unplug. You can have a different experience every visit, but maintain the sense of community and belonging that we crave. Each visit builds on the last.

Evolving Exploration

Your 3rd Spot™ doesn’t typecast your experience around a singular activity. New games, seasonal menu items, and fun promotions will be introduced regularly, creating a consistently dynamic environment to engage and rally around each other’s energy.
Exploration is encouraged and Your 3rd Spot™ Membership Program serves to add value and strengthen the sense of community, giving members nearly unlimited use of the rotating gaming options during off-peak times.
Diverse gaming curated for adults with dozens of analog experiences allows for team building, competition between friends, and an opportunity to unplug and have fun without restrictive declining point systems. Your 3rd Spot™ creates a boutique take on gaming with upscale bowling lanes, nostalgic arcade games, and Your 3rd Spot™ indoor/outdoor experience-based “Social Garden”. These culminate to provide the perfect blend of low-tech fun that energizes the social soul.

Small Plates & Libations

The innovative small plates and beverage menus provide a unique social opportunity to break bread. Rather than committing to your own giant entree, let’s explore and share small plates together and connect over a sacred experience that is essential to our existence as humans.



August 30, 2021

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