Your 3rd Spot
400 Chattahoochee Row, NW
Atlanta, GA 30318


Your 3rd Spot is located at The Works in the Upper Westside of Atlanta.

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Please note: Any time extended beyond 4 hours will not be eligible for validation.

Parking is managed directly by The Works via ParkMobile. Y3S team does not control the program/parking.

We recommend taking Rideshare or utilizing The Works' valet parking to eliminate accounting for extra time to find parking

download parkmobile app

Download the ParkMobile App or go to ParkMobile in your browser:


use parkmobile in browser

Enter your Parking Zone:


3660 - Street Parking
3661 - Garage 1 (near Scofflaw)
3662 - Garage 2 (Apartments)
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Set parking session for 4 hours. First 2 hours are automatically free.
If you proceed as a Guest, you cannot be reimbursed.
You must pay $10.45 FIRST.


Enter the promo code you’ll receive once you get to Your 3rd Spot for immediate reimbursement for the additional 2 hours.

I haven't paid for anything yet, what do I do?

Select your Zone and pay for 4 hours of parking before following the instructions above.
  • You may also just add parking for your vehicle for just 2 hours, which The Works offers free of charge; however, most of our guests stay longer than 2 hours.

parking faqs

I don't see an "Enter Promotion Code" option.

You utilized the free parking for 2 hours from The Works up to this point. In order to take advantage of the free 2 hour extension from Your 3rd Spot, you must first pay to extend your parking for 2 hours. Don't worry, once you apply the validation code, the $10.45 will go back to your account in a few business days. You must first pay in order to validate.

How do I know if my code went through?

On the main parking screen, there is a little "i" in a white circle in the top right of the screen. Click it to see what has been paid for so far and if any codes were applied.

Can I park for longer than 4 hours?

Y3S! However, The Work's 2 hour free parking option combined with Your 3rd Spot's additional 2 hours will only last for a total of 4 hours. You can park as long as you want, but you will only be covered for 4 total hours.

Thanks for coming to Your 3rd Spot! Here is how you join your group!

  • Follow  the map to our front door
  • Choose the Reservations + Events line (to the left) 
  • Check in with our Door Team - they will scan your ID if it is after 5:00 PM as we are 21+ exclusively starting at 5:00 PM every day
  • Give your name and/or the name for the reservation and they will provide you with your pre-purchased Experiences Pass
  • Be sure to give your friend a High 5 for helping you skip the line!

Our Address:
400 Chattahoochee Row
Atlanta GA 30318

join your group

You've got questions. We've got


are reservations required?

Reservations are encouraged but not required - while reservations take priority, we accept walk-ins based on availability. If we have space available, we would welcome you and your party right in! If we happen to be at capacity, we will hold the door at that time and let parties in first come, first serve once space is available. If you are planning to join us on a walk-in basis, the earlier you can join us, the better! Reservations Here

I tried to make a reservation but it said that nothing was available.

If you tried to make a reservation and nothing was available, there are a few reasons:
  • We are currently booked for that date and do not have availability for any more reservations.
  • We do not have any tables available for your requested group size. (Please note that reservations are only available for 2-15 guests)
  • We may be closed for a private event or not offering reservations due to limited gaming availability due to a private event

Please continue to check our website for reservations as the website shows our live/up-to-date inventory and any cancellations or added reservations will appear on the website

Am I (and/or my entire party) required to purchase an Experiences Pass?

The purchase of an Experiences Pass is required for entry - whether you have a reservation or joining us on a walk-in basis. The Experiences Pass is essentially an admittance fee (or “cover charge”) to join us - with that, you get access to over 80+ difference experiences/games within Y3S for up to 3 hours!
(Bowling is not included but can be added on during your visit. Experience Passes are required for all guests ages 3+)

What if I don’t want to eat? What if I just want to get a drink or play games?

We offer Gaming Only Reservations! Check out the Booking Page for details on our Gaming Only and Bowl + Play reservations. 

Can I just walk-in?

We accommodate walk-ins based on availability and on a first come, first serve basis as reservations take priority - we want to accommodate as many guests as we can, but we are limiting our reservations and walk-ins as we want to ensure the best experience for each and every guest who joins us. 

Are you 21+? 

We are strictly a 21+ facility starting at 5 PM on weekdays and 6pm on weekends.
  • A valid government issued ID is required for entry starting 5pm weekdays / 6pm weekends.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 shall not be permitted without a parent or guardian during our family friendly hours.

what is the usual waitlist time?

We currently do not have an estimated wait time for walk-in guests as we are based on capacity and welcome guests on a first come first served basis. We do have a skip line available for the price of $60 per person, which includes the purchase of experience passes for our peak hours to skip the walk-in line.

What if I am running late/stuck in traffic?

We have a 15-minute grace period for all reservations - if you are more than 15 minutes late for your reservation, you and your party may have to wait for the next available entrance time. We do encourage you to call and notify us if you are running late and we will accommodate as best as we can, but we cannot guarantee that we will have availability to push any reservations back due to current volume and demand.

what is your cancellation policy?

  • A credit/debit card is required to book a reservation. No charges are applied except in the case of a late cancellation or a no show.
  • We ask that any cancellation to your reservation be made no less than 24 hours prior. Please call Y3S if you are running late.
  • Full refunds are offered up to 24 hours prior to the reservation time. To make sure we value the time of all customers and staff, No refunds will be honored less than 24 hours in advance.
  • A $60.00 cancellation fee per reservation will be automatically charged to the card on file for all no-shows or reservations cancelled within 24-hours of the reservation time.

Can I bring a cake for a  celebration?

Y3S! We offer a wonderful selection of desserts, but you are welcome to bring in a cake to celebrate with. 

Is there parking?

Y3S Guest can enjoy 4 hours of free parking at The Works. During high volume times (weekends) parking is VERY limited & takes time. We encourage using Rideshare Apps or planning time to park. View full parking info here. 

How can I work at your 3rd Spot?

Careers at Your 3rd Spot™️ are fun, fulfilling and rewarding. Visit our careers page for more information.

Who is the team behind your 3rd Spot?

Your 3rd Spot is powered by the team at AMP Up1 Hospitality - a collection of passionate leaders with over 200 combined years of eatertainment experience.

can i purchase a gift card?

Y3S! Gift cards can be purchased here or at our venue.

How big is the facility?

Our Atlanta venue is 27,000 square feet. Take the Virtual Tour!

Do you host fundraisers or donate to charities?

Supporting our community is something we are very passionate about. Check out the "Community" section of the site for more info!

How can I book an event?

Events will range in size from 2 to 1000 guests, Check out our Events page and let us know what kind of party you want to throw!

what forms of payment are accepted?

We are a completely cashless venue and accept credit card & digital payment only.

What is the cost of the experiences pass?

Experiences Passes are required for entry and give you access to 80+ games. Pricing varies by day / time:
Sunday - Thursday: $25/guest
Fridays & Saturdays:
  • Before 5 PM - $25/guest
  • After 5 PM - $33/guest
Entrance is complimentary for Pint-sized patrons (under 3) and esteemed elders (over 65).

I'm coming to atlanta from out of town, are there hotels you recommend?

Y3S! Check out our Visitors Page which has info about hotels and things to do in Atlanta!