At Your 3rd Spot, we practice HOSPITALITY as it’s the way we fulfill our PURPOSE for existing: Connecting People and Building Community.

We have leveraged technology, a great design, and innovative food, beverage and gaming programs, but at the heart of it all is our people and our culture. All of the features, games, and menus are meaningless without our people. Our Hospitality Philosophy is how we “connect the dots” between our mission, values, and virtues and provides the North Star for how we act as a team.

Your 3rd Spot  


is performing a task for someone  

is a selfless act of service in order to create an experience 



In hospitality, one size fits one. Every guest's wants and needs are unique. Their experiences should be unique as well. 

Hospitality Philosophy

Our 5 Non-Negotiables

We always ensure safe alcohol service.

We ensure every item is accounted for by everyone.

  • Every guest is my guest.  
  • We yield to guests. Any guest within 6 feet of us, we make eye contact, smile and say hello.
  • Perception is reality and reality pays the bills.

We provide exceptional hospitality that makes guests return.

  • You can be right in an empty building, or you can be wrong with a loyal guest.

The cost of team membership. Intention is the standard. 

We are fun to work with and support our team.

  • One person alone doesn’t define an experience. Hospitality is a team sport!
  • Teamwork. Don’t blame or make excuses. We’re all working together towards the same purpose.
  • When you find yourself with time, use it to buy your teammates 2 minutes.

We are on time and in proper uniform.






  • When one of us does well, we all do well.

Share in Prosperity with our Team & Community

  • When we know better, we do better. Learn who your guest is and do at least ONE thing that they aren't expecting that makes them happy.  

Create Moments That Earn Memories

  • Get a sense of what the guest likes and dislikes and encourage them to try something new, whether it’s food, drinks or gaming. 
  • Make personalized menu recommendations and inform guests of new/seasonal options.

Encourage Evolving Exploration

  • Urgently welcome and orient all guests.
  • Embrace and utilize technology to maximize efficiency.

Value Time -
It is our most valuable resource.

Our Hospitality is Guided by our Mission

We know our menus- if you don’t know, you can’t recommend. 

  • When we try something new, time slows down and we make a memory. 
  • Ask every guest what they are celebrating. People go out to be seen!  
  • Be present with each guest- otherwise connection cannot occur. 
  • Value the 2-top. They are as important as a 200 person event.

Our Hospitality is Driven by our Process

Eliminate Anonymous by listening attentively & responding creatively. 

  • Disclaimer: You are EMPOWERED to make the best decisions for our team and guests. You are not ENTITLED to do whatever you want.***
  • Don’t be afraid to make decisions that benefit the guest.
  • Mistakes will not define you, but how you choose to grow from them will. 
  • Discounts do not equal loyalty.  

It's okay to "Break the rules", just not the law.*** 

  • Taking something off a check is not a substitute for connection. It’s not about the cost of what you take off the check- it’s how you make them feel. 
  • Make the choice. Have an action bias.

Take action. It can only suck once, or it can be the best thing we've ever done.

  • This isn’t who we are sometimes, it’s just who we are.
  • The last guest will feel as special as our first guest.

Be consistent and persistent.

How do we put this all together?

This is when we take what we learn about our guests, use the tools at our disposal, and create an unexpected and unique experience that will make them feel seen and valued. It’s not about what we do, but how we make our guests feel- that is how we measure success.

Still reading? We see you. Join the team!

Be present +
be curious +
take action =

Be present + be curious + take action =