Early Life
Olympia was born in Tallahassee, Florida and moved to Atlanta at the age of 3. Growing up, Olympia was heavily influenced by her mother, who was a certified nursing assistant that primarily cared for elderly patients. Olympia would often accompany her to work and what stood out to her, even at a young age, was how her mother made people feel. Through how she treated her patients, she was able to give them life and help to make them happy. This is the essence of Olympia- putting others first and wanting them to succeed and be happy. It’s in her DNA. 

Start of the Journey
Olympia’s 1st job in hospitality was at Shane’s Rib Shack as a cashier when she was 18. She loved it as she simply loved greeting people. This is where she learned about professionalism and made it her mission to make every day at work like a day at Disney. Even at this early stage of her career, she understood that the core tenant of hospitality was to make each guest feel seen, special and appreciated.  

Olympia was promoted quickly, learning each position, then becoming a corporate trainer, and eventually General Manger by the age of 20. At each step she loved the opportunity to give people positive energy and make them feel special.  

Her time at Shane’s last 7 years before she left to begin schooling for dentistry. She was attracted to this because dentistry is literally about people’s smiles. After several years of schooling and on hand work, Olympia decided making people happy in hospitality was where she was the happiest She missed being able to have a two way conversation with people which isn’t easy in dentistry.   

After a couple stops at other hospitality concepts for the next several years, where she rose through the leadership ranks, Olympia finally found what she had been looking for at Your 3rd Spot Atlanta. The team immediately seemed like a family and the “Chief Barketing Officer'', Nugget the Puppy, definitely made an impact. She wanted to be part of a culture of hospitality and growth and was drawn to how the hiring ads actually spoke to hospitality versus traditional restaurant ads.

Y3S Atlanta
Betting on herself, Olympia began her journey at Y3S as an Experience Lead (Host). She never pushed the fact that she had been in leadership roles in the past, she saw the opportunity and told herself that if the company is what it says it is, she will move up in no time.   

Olympia’s energy and passion for hospitality allowed to quickly stand out during the opening process. She was so impactful that her personality had a significant impact on the entry experience our guests see today. I’m every training seminar she was a pro- asking questions, reinforcing the message and just verbally staying very engaged. Once we started slowly letting guests in is where she really shined. She WAS the magic in the room- she greeted each guest with a seemingly limitless amount of warmth and enthusiasm. She could see something special in every person and has a way to make them feel like the most important person in the entire venue. It was truly magical to watch. She forever set the standard and raised the bar for everyone who will work in our Experience Room after her. Most impressive was the fact that her very last guest on a long day was given the same amazing service as her first. She never wavered.  

Olympia embraced mentorship and coaching opportunities with other team members- they naturally gravitated to her level of empathy, knowledge and sincerity. She was always looking for ways to help newer team members and improve their experiences as well. It was no surprise to anyone when Olympia was promoted to leadership- she was already acting as a leader! Olympia is the embodiment of Servant Leadership, where leaders put the needs of the team above their own, which is core to the philosophy of Y3S and AMP Up1 Hospitality. 

Life Beyond Y3S:
When not at Y3S, you can find Olympia playing football in the yard with her amazing son Josiah. She also enjoys taking walks (especially people watching on the Beltline) and exploring. Anything that allows her to be around other energetic people and seeing them happy. She also loves cooking where shrimp alfredo is a go-to. Her bucket list goal is to visit Dubai.

Olympia is a cornerstone piece of the culture at Y3S and we would not be where we are today without her. Her hospitality is that of legend already- anyone who has walked into our Experience Room has felt her impact and her leg and lives on with every spiel given today. She set the bar that high and the team works hard to reach it every day. We’re excited to see where Olympia’s journey takes her next!