Kip Hilson, better known as DJ Halftime, brings an electrifying energy to Your 3rd Spot, transforming every appearance with his signature “vibe” and unparalleled musical intuition. 

Hilson was born into a musical family - his father was a band member and his sister, Keri Hilson, is a renowned singer, songwriter, and producer. Kip started his journey playing drums and percussion throughout his youth, which set the stage for his understanding of music and production. The early 2000s were a pivotal time for his musical knowledge when digital music platforms like Napster and Limewire were in vogue, helping him amass a vast music collection, spanning numerous genres.

Kip's passion for DJing ignited when his sister's boyfriend introduced him to the craft. Dissatisfied with the quality of DJs he encountered, Kip saw an opportunity to elevate the art form. At just 16, he landed his first gig, setting up with modest equipment from Radio Shack but delivering a performance that left a lasting impression. He was hooked.  Following high school, Kip attended Georgia State where he studied Film & Music and learned to generate an incredible atmosphere by reading the energy of the room at a myriad of college events. From there on, Kip became an extremely sought-after local DJ - working gigs across a spectrum of events and building his clientele through word of mouth.

Simultaneously, Kip dove into beat-making and audio production from ages 16-25, rapidly developing his talent. He found a lot of audio engineering on the scene to be subpar and dedicated his time and energy to creating radio-quality beats and soundscapes. Operating under the name "Young Kip," he produced hits like "Halftime" by Young Thug, which inspired his DJ moniker, and "Money Talk" by T.I. This led to a year and a half of touring with Young Thug as his DJ before Kip decided to return home to prioritize his family and focus on audio engineering.

Kip was drawn to Your 3rd Spot in 2021 from its unique social media presence and storytelling in and since its launch in 2022, he has been instrumental in creating the vibrant, signature ambiance that sets the scene for guests to connect.  Hilson admirably operates without ego, choosing musical integration into the Y3S experience rather than over-the-top songs that would overshadow the delicately curated balance.  This creates a backdrop that subtly enhances the guest journey and helps to create the signature vibe that has widely been recognized.

In his time at Your 3rd Spot, Kip has helped host and emcee hundreds of events ranging from birthday parties to full corporate buyouts and big Hollywood wrap parties.  No matter the occasion, he creates a sonic environment that helps make each event memorable and connected.

In addition to continuing to nurture Y3S’s music program as the brand grows, Kip aims to expand his influence through his brand, Music Lovers Worldwide, which will host events and foster an online community dedicated to music discovery.