A server, a tour guide and a matchmaker…

right in your pocket

Your 3rd Spot App allows you to order food, create your gaming experience, manage your membership and connect with new friends at the touch of a button.

eat + drink

  • Put together your perfect menu without waiting for your server
  • Order to wherever you are in the building
  • Pay at any time

Discover + play

  • Explore new, exciting games
  • Tap to play games from your phone
  • Queue up for games without standing in line

Match + connect

  • Let us know a little about yourself
  • Turn Match & Connect on at any time to match up with like-minded people in the building
  • Make new friends and colleagues 


Yes. To fully enjoy Your 3rd Spot experience the app is necessary. You can choose not to use the app - we‘ll give you pen and paper and our connectors will help you - but trust us, you’ll like this a whole lot more! It’s like scoring bowling manually versus letting the computer do it for you. 

Between tap-to-play gaming access, instant food and drink ordering, our Bucket List™️, and Match & Connect™️ platforms you won’t want to NOT use the app. It’s like having a personal concierge in your pocket.  

For the best experience, we recommend everyone in your group uses the app. It offers a personalized experience, keeps personal game scores, and eliminates the need for environmentally wasteful stuff like wristbands and plastic game cards.

Coming Soon! 
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Your 3rd Spot App

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